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It's Always Off-Season at the Chalet Flamingo


Book & lyrics by Julia Sonya Koyfman & Dusty Sanders

Music by Dusty Sanders

A wacky one-act musical comedy about a woman trying to get rid of a disaster-laden hotel without breaking the heart of her eccentric aunt who believes the hotel is inhabited by ghost of her dead husband. Complete with geriatric jewel thieves, a plucky reporter, a sinister psychic, a bumbling sheriff and many many possums, this uplifting musical has a sassy score and an important message about finding one's place in the world.

"Chalet Flamingo" is the winner of the international Search for New Musicals for 2021 by New Musicals Inc. in Los Angeles

Close (But Not Too Close)


Book by Paloma Sierra, Lyrics by Julia Sonya Koyfman

Music by Dusty Sanders

A comic 20-minute digital musical based on a fictional dating website for people who want to meet that special someone but aren't ready for an in-person relationship. A computer-savvy scammer Alex catfishes an unsuspecting introvert Louis, who is trying out online dating for the first time. As the technical difficulties of online dating arise, Louis shares not just his sensitive personal data but also his deepest wishes in life.


Cone of Shame

Created & directed by Stacey Weingarten & Randy Overland

Music by Dusty Sanders

This puppet short film — a micro-commission by Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams — tells the story of a pup in a cone of shame, left at home while her humans go to the beach. Loneliness is no match for the power of imagination!

I Am Soil Breaking Off

2_21_2022 Update.png

Written & directed by Paloma Sierra

Animation by Andrew Edwards

Music by Dusty Sanders

This animated videopoem follows the journey of a single mangrove seed. The short film has been selected to feature in over a dozen film festivals around the world, including the Quarter Finals for the National Short Film Festival by the Montazu virtual cinema.

Beach Day

Created & directed by Stacey Weingarten & Randy Overland

Music by Dusty Sanders

This prize-winning short puppet film — conceived and fully-produced within a 48-hours pan during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 — follows a little monster's desperate attempts to get out of the house for a day.

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